Monday, February 17, 2014

podcast - Profit Or Perish

Podcasting is a very fast growing trend on the Internet. Podcasting is beneficial to webmasters because it is a new traffic generation technique. Podcasing will provide webmasters with exposure to a very affluent audience. As a result Podcasting will drive more traffic to a website site.

Podcasting is a new trend that shows no sign of slowing down. However as the trend becomes a means for effective advertising, the competition for listeners will become tougher. Free Podcast will always be available.

If you intend to get paid for your Podcasting you must distinguish yourself by providing interesting and relevant content on a continuous basis.

You need to be an expert in your field, or at least sound like one. Sounding professional as you deliver your little snippets of information will give you the credibility you need to stand out from the crowd.

It is not necessary to get paid for your podcast in order to make money. In fact if your podcast is free, you stand to attract more listeners who can then monetize your podcast by purchasing products or services that you deem reliable.

The easiest way to generate money with a Podcast is to offer advice. You must be careful, because if your advice is little more than a commercial announcement, no one will believe you or take your advice seriously.

You can draw web surfers to your podcast if you provide information that they want to hear or give advice that they need to hear. An "Ann Landers type podcast is just waiting for the next media star to take this idea and run with it"

However, you need a real voice. The way you deliver you podcast will determine whether you will become a celebrity or put in the class as a podcast clown.

You don't have to sound like a TV anchor but you must sound sincere and believable. You can attract sponsors for your podcast once you have established a following.

If you report on health problems, you can approach sponsors who have alternative health products. If you become the next online Ann Landers or Dr. Phil, you can get sponsorship from dating sites.

You will have to build up your base of listeners before you attract the bigger sponsors. But while you are getting your podcast voice tuned for success, you might approach online webmasters who need some exposure and charge them a small fee to mention their website during your Podcast.

Since Podcast content is such a fast growing part of the Internet landscape, it would be beneficial to grab this technology as another way to lure visitors to your site.

Using a RSS feed for your Podcast is a good thing. Without much technical knowledge, most Webmaster can put a regular link on their blog or website that links to their Podcast content. A visitor can click on your feed and download it to an MP3 audio file. The media content of your file can be downloaded to the Apple iPod or some other attached device and stored for later.

The idea of having thousands, maybe millions of individuals listening to your thoughts, your poetry or your rants invoke a tantalizing idea for would be politicians, undiscovered talent or for an Adsense publisher. The podcast provides a living outlet for people who can literally speak their mind to the world.

Just like the blog, the podcast can direct people to your moneymaking Adsense sites or provide traffic to your product site. Just like other Internet trends, those people who figure out how to utilize this new technology first will reap the greatest benefits.

Of course, Apple Computer will of course be the largest beneficiary of their creation, but you can share in their largesse by providing a voice to the world. Provide a funny story or a joke per day. Give your interpretation of newsworthy stories. You can give the world a new way to see what is happening in Iraq. Who knows, there are millions of people waiting to hear from you.

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